Apivita Caring Lavender Gentle Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin 薰衣草舒緩沐浴露 300ml


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Apivita Caring Lavender Gentle Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin 300ml
97% natural ingredients
Instant soothing effect from itching – Gentle cleansing – Moisturization
The gentle shower gel CARING LAVENDER with lavender & olive oil*, gently cleanses, soothes, moisturizes and does not irritate the sensitive skin, leaving it soft.

  • Enriched with mild surfactants which provide gentle cleansing, moisturizing and protective action.
  • SLES-free.
  • With a slightly acidic pH for sensitive skin.
  • With Lauryl Olivate which soothes the sensitive skin, providing relief from symptoms such as stinging and itching and improving its elasticity.
  • With Greek lavender* and calendula* extracts, with excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
  • With Greek thyme honey, Greek olive oil*, almond oil* and panthenol (Provitamin B5) which enhance the skin’s hydrolipidic film and improves the moisture levels of the skin.
  • With a patented infusion of a combination of 3 sideritis species* which replaces the water and provides antioxidant protection.