This will be debatable: Why Cal actually that bad and you may Rose isn't you to great

To start with Record: Ruth says certainly so you're able to Flower that Rose's dad left all of them are 'bad bills invisible of the a name'.

Rose informs Jack 'all from Philadelphia Society' might be introduce getting the involvement class. It could be highly unrealistic you to word had not travelled up the community grape vine to Cal along with his father one to Ruth and you can Rose were broke.

This has to help you signify Cal motivations getting marrying Flower was indeed perhaps not currency related. It may be argued, that he need the latest status from a more youthful fiance. Maybe, however it was not unusual into the 1912 having more youthful wealthy female in order to ilies. It had been viewed one brides can be absolute and you can virginal whereas dudes got 'wild oats so you're able to sow'. Because of this feminine married more youthful and you may dudes older.

Just after Flower and you may Cal was involved it could be argued he don't had need certainly to attract their, since the she cannot leave this new wedding versus area scandal.

Cal should have understood that it

Despite this the guy covers Rose along with her mommy to search family on the most costly rooms towards, whatever they think, 's the easiest ship globally. He in addition to other than their engagement ring (regarding whichs dimensions visibly unexpected situations Jack) purchased their a giant diamond value necklace, that could be for the modern money, well worth millons of bucks. He purchased their unique Picasso and you can Monet images in order to delight their unique even with all of them perhaps not visited his preferences.