He escorts their unique every-where, the guy identifies where she's going to feel at each and every a portion of the day

A day later, Warner gets Juliette up and he accompanies their particular returning to their area. Juliette sees you to their soldiers are afraid from their while the keyword advances quickly from Juliette's electricity. Warner merely states the guy produced Jenkins are exposed to their own epidermis to safeguard their, regardless of if Juliette second thoughts him.

Warner prospects Juliette around rows from soldiers. On the way, Juliette renders a remark regarding the their "bad mom", and you may Warner instantly becomes startled and you may kone albansk afraid. Immediately after Juliette explains that she had merely come attempting to make a tale, the guy eventually settles, whilst the rest of the journey is made in silence. He introduces all of us Fletcher has been stealing food and offers then propels him to own his strategies.