In the end, there is a virtually-in role (Level One to) off personal bodyguards

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That it contingent appears to be relatively short. Wearing fatigues and you can community caps, and you may armed with pistols, the group sticks around the chief.

Into specific instances, plainclothes bodyguards match Kim, particularly when the guy meets that have international frontrunners otherwise travels to another country. They may be identified sometimes by way of the clothing ­– business wear, top shirts and you can matching striped links – or using its conclusion and posture together with fact that they will tower over all of the someone else in the images.

Level You to definitely safety: Kim Jong Us that have close-in plainclothes safety guards recognized from the their coordinating ebony grey caters to and you will blue striped ties. Photo: KCNA

Photos seem to show the clear presence of Kim Chol Gyu. Indeed, he is seen have a tendency to sufficient that Glarus Switzerland girls escort it's almost certainly he's establish within most the brand new leader's appearance. Often, in the event the frontrunner is within a building with many bed room, “Grandpa” is seen going to come to see where Kim often go 2nd.

This was the situation that have Kim Jong Un's conferences having upcoming-chairman Donald Trump for the Hanoi, Singapore and also at new Korean Demilitarized Area (DMZ), also Kim Jong Un's stop by at Moscow in order to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Coverage master Kim Chol Gyu treks ahead of Kim Jong United nations and his shelter outline since North Korean chief heads into the the demarcation line during the Korean DMZ to get to know upcoming-president Donald Trump, .