Fools Belong Love from the Vixen - Raunchy 1950s lesbian multi-chapter

Anyone Boats Trixya by Mac - Angsty cannon compliant oneshot. “Trixie implies that she and Katya time, and you will Katya offers her all of the grounds they shouldn't.” ??

Follow For which you Lead by the Connyhascontrol - Lesbian Au sluggish burn off multichapter (nonsense, smut) inspired by Gilmore Girls. “Only an excellent fic. Quality enjoyable moments and you may pining. What is never to like? Nearly finished (and you will I'm not ok inside).” ??

I looked forward to so it upgrading every time

“Fools Fall-in Love celebs Trixie Mattel a tiny area hottie with big-time desires. When she results a concert regarding the Apple, she understands this lady has they produced. Until she match Katya Zamolodchikova, new joint's fit-dressed in, tobacco celebrity. Katya is not keen on this new dolly, with her deluxe lips and you will sensual sound, muscling within the on the concert. Trixie is not therefore drawn to Katya by herself, indeed she hates their! Otherwise really does she?”

Fools with the Parade by Tiffany - Multichapter cishet Au. “So perfectly composed, unfinished but nonetheless worthy of understanding as Artsy Katya fits Typical Boy Brian is merely pleasant.”

When it comes down to Sincere Community to feel because of the Challenge - Cannon agreeable angsty multichapter. Includes smut. “Really one of the best fics we've got ever endured for the aq. It's very fantastically authored, canon certified, new characterisation is on part.